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The Rainmaker

: CD
8,99 €
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This album combines all of the band's greatest strengths as they effortlessly combine an innovative approach with a cool retro vibe. The album even got the attention of metal fans, as the band delve deeply into the heavy riff department! The Rainmaker shows that they aren't afraid to rock out but prog fans needn't be concerned as there are also plenty of the band's trademark melodies and adventurous instrumental passages within.

Also available as a special edition digi-book with a bonus CD of extra music and videos.

Titel The Rainmaker
The Flower Kings
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Last Minute On Earth (00:11)
10. Red Alert (00:01)
11. Serious Dreamers (00:08)
02. World Without A Heart (00:04)
03. Road To Sanctuary (00:13)
04. The Rainmaker (00:06)
05. City Of Angels (00:12)
06. Elaine (00:04)
07. Thru The Walls (00:04)
08. Sword Of God (00:06)
09. Blessing Of A Smile (00:03)