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Waiting For Miracles

Ltd. 2CD Digipak

: 2 CD
: 08.11.2019
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THE FLOWER KINGS are back! After 2018’s much-lauded solo effort ‘Manifesto of an Alchemist’, Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, The Sea Within, Anderson/Stolt etc.) and many highly successful FLOWER KINGS REVISITED shows, THE FLOWER KINGS now return with a revamped line-up and stunning new album! “Waiting For Miracles”, featuring striking artwork by Kevin Sloan, promises to be one of THE FLOWER KING’s strongest albums to date and features the line-up Roine Stolt (Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals), Hasse Fröberg (Lead & Backing Vocals), Zach Kamins (Keyboards, Guitar), Jonas Reingold (Bass) and Mirko DeMaio (Drums, Percussion). Recorded over the summer at RMV studio in Stockholm, Sweden – a vintage studio space owned by ABBA star Benny Andersson – Roine Stolt describes the album as “pure prog rock - with boatloads of vintage keyboards - odd time drumming and long guitar solos, elements of pop, prog, rock, symphonic and cinematic music!” Citing Pink Floyd, Vangelis, The Beatles, Cream, King Crimson, Procol Harum, David Bowie, Utopia, ELO and Tomita as influence, “Waiting For Miracles” harks back to the joyful and playful style that made the band famous in the late 90’s yet also offers a fresh and timeless quality. Opulent, dynamic, melodic, catchy, complex, “Waiting For Miracles” is all you would expect from a proper prog rock monument! Available as Gatefold 2LP+2CD, Special Edition 2CD digipak and on all digital platforms.

Titel Waiting For Miracles
The Flower Kings
Ltd. 2CD Digipak [2 CD]
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. House Of Cards (01:56)
02. Black Flag (07:39)
03. Miracles For America (10:03)
04. Vertigo (09:59)
05. The Bridge (05:30)
06. Ascending To The Stars (05:40)
07. Wicked Old Symphony (05:47)
08. The Rebel Circus (05:50)
09. Sleep With The Enemy (06:02)
10. The Crowning Of Greed (04:48)
Disc 2
01. House Of Cards Reprise (01:21)
02. Spirals (05:06)
03. Steampunk (06:30)
04. We Were Always Here (07:35)
05. Busking At Brobank (00:52)