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The Unravelling (Special Edition CD Digipak)

: Knifeworld
: CD
: 21.07.2014
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KNIFEWORLD is the new brainchild of Kavus Torabi, known from The Cardiacs, The Monsoon Bassoon, Chrome Hoof, Guapo and Gong. A unique British rock band, an octet playing unusual, complex and exhilarating psychedelic pop.

Detectable influences may include XTC, Henry Cow, Syd Barrett, Led Zeppelin, Steve Reich, Todd Rundgren, Black Sabbath, Magma, Voivod and Sonic Youth.

“The Unravelling” is the first recording of the full eight-piece line up. Traditional rock instruments are augmented with male/ female vocal harmonies, bassoon, saxophones, keys and strings. Torabi typically employs psychedelic, polyrhythmic arrangements married to insistent pop-hooks that are both ambitious and unpredictable. A musically kaleidoscopic, eight-song cycle shot through with melancholy, regret and loss.

Titel The Unravelling (Special Edition CD Digipak)
InsideOut Music

01. I Can Teach You How To Lose A Fight  (05:14)
02. The Orphanage  (01:33)
03. Send Him Seaworthy  (06:36)
04.  Don't Land On Me (08:02)
05.  The Skulls We Buried Have Regrown Their Eyes (04:45)
06.  Destroy The World We Love (06:05)
07.  This Empty Room Once Was Alive (03:50)
08.  I'm Hiding Behind My Eyes (09:15)